Sports Betting Affiliates: Taking Affiliate Commissions Seriously

Sports Betting Affiliates: Taking Affiliate Commissions Seriously

Affiliate schemes are not simply a way for big websites to get bigger and small affiliates to earn a couple of dollars here and there. It has become a multi-million dollar business, encouraging thousands of small site owners all around the world to give it a go. Like so many of the online ventures there is very little guarantee of success, but unlike so many others the price of failure is very slight. For little or no investment a site owner can turn their web space into an affiliate marketing forum. However like in most businesses the more time and money you invest the more likely the rewards are.

If you are going to become an affiliate you need to identify your market. Selecting the largest industries and reputable names can further your chances of picking up more visitors and thus heightening the possibility of making money. One of the largest industries in terms of current revenue and potential growth is that of online gaming. Within the gaming sector there is an equally impressive number of options at an affiliates disposal. One of the broadest and traditionally popular gambling forums is that of sports betting. Both the offline and online business of sports gambling have taken off in recent years, thanks in part to the explosion of the online industry. Now the Internet is full of sports betting sites, with each one clambering for users’ custom and it is here that the affiliate industry provides the perfect partner.

Although the affiliate industry is largely separate from that of the world of sports betting, the two effectively need each other to continue to grow and make money. The affiliates earn money by encouraging visitors on their sites to join one of the sports betting sites that they advertise for. With affiliate sites being paid either a percentage of a players lifetime money generated or a flat rate one off figure, it stands to reason that they will be looking to attract more people to the sites they represent. Because the more clicks they get the more money they make. So from a business point of view this represents an intriguing opportunity. Because if you can get a small clientele of players each earning you between 15 and 30% each time they play, then you can earn a bit of money. But expand this further and create a site or a group of sites that can generate huge volumes of players and it doesn’t take much to realise that you can soon be earning a substantial amount of money.

The most successful affiliate offers people a service, using advertising as a faux subsidiary device. They may offer reviews on betting sites or just own a sports website that generates a good regular crowd. Just by having advertising visible or by selling the product in a hard sell atmosphere an affiliate can easily convert hits on their site in clicks on their banners. If your affiliate site can draw in just a few each and every day then it doesn’t take long until the site begins raking in serious amounts of custom and eventually cash.

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